Gold Rate In Thiruvananthapuram

Thiruvananthapuram formerly known Trivandrum is the capital city of Kerala. The Evergreen City has significant palaces and temples that are dedicated to Lord Vishnu. The city consists of many industries and earns its per capita through domestic and International tourism.  It is a major IT hub and is awarded as the ‘Best City to Settle’ by the third largest circulating newspaper Times of India.

Today Gold Rate

Are you know Gold rate in Trivandrum? Trivandrum constitutes the largest market for gold in the country and is also the largest consumer of gold. The city has well established gold market which offers delicate and unique range of gold jewelleries which are the specialty of South India.

Yesterday Gold Rate

Just like Kochi is the gold capital of India, Thrissur is home to jewellery making in South India. Thus, the demand for gold is high in the state. Gold in the city is sold in ingots, coins and mostly in jewellery. Investment is kept as plan B during emergency. The gold rates in the ‘City of  Bliss’ recorded for 24th November, 2016 are Rs 2,750 (INR)/gm for 22K and Rs 2,960 (INR)/gm for 24K respectively.           

7 Days Gold Rate

People in Kerala are much fascinated and prefer wearing it frequently, thus is a home to many jewelers and dealers. Gold in the city is a benchmark in the state Kerala.


Kerala best defines itself with its tourism tagline ‘God’s own Country’. The state flaunts its magnificent beauty as it is situated along the Arabian Sea coast, Western Ghats and Malabar Coast and has the perfect blend of elements that forms a paradise. Kerala is known as the ‘City of Coconuts’ with tall standing coconut trees at every end and is the largest exporter of spice since 3000 BC. The state is known to have the highest literacy rate in India.

Gold Rate In Vadodara

Todays Gold Rate


The gold rate in the Vadodara city is on the raise as it is one of the biggest gold trading markets in India. The city is involved in majority of gold buying and selling followed by Surat which has the diamond trading market.

Yesterdays Gold Rate

The gold is consumed in 22K and 24K based on the difference in their quality and is measured is ounce, gram and most probably in Carat.

7 Days Gold Rate

The city consists of well established dealers which offer fabulous modern and traditional designer gold jewellery.


The gold rate for the vadodara city is describe in graph a per below: